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Sheets Acrylic
Manufacturers and suppliers of plexiglass, acrylic sheets, acrylic plastic sheets, clear or colored acrylic sheets, acrylic mirror sheets, cast acrylic sheets, PMMA sheets and plastic window glass. Source Acrylic Sheets or PMMA sheets or Plexiglass combine glass like transparency and high strength. For more details on acrylic sheets contact

Sheets Acrylic

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Cast Acrylic Sheet We manufacture a wide range of cast acrylic sheet in various thickness and sheet sizes. Our sheet are extremely stable, weather resistant material with excellent light transmission and is suitable for  ...more
Satin Finish Mirror Sheets Our sheet is made up with a base of acrylic sheet, technologically transformed to give a Satin finish. Due to its attractive effect, this sheet can be used for numerous. Application: From interior fur  ...more
Acrylic Mirror Sheets Our extruded acrylic mirror sheet, through its standard wide range of dimensions (12202440, 20503050), thickness (from 1, 5 to 20mm) and colours (over 15 different shades), is able to offer good bal  ...more
PMMA Acrylic Sheet Our Acrylic sheet is as clear as glass, lightweight, rigid and weather resistant. We have perfect solution where both clarity and strength are needed. Advantages of Acrylic sheets: - Excellent op  ...more
Wave, Pearl Acrylic Sheets We have three special types of acrylic sheets. - They are called alabaster acrylic sheet, pearl acrylic sheet and wave-pattern acrylic sheet. - They are more beautiful appearance and 100% virgin P  ...more is your one stop shop for plastic goods, components, houseware, films, sheets, profiles, packaging products, gifts, promotional items and novelties, containers, furnitures, pens, engineering components and other plastic items. Should you not find product of your interest in this section , write to us at

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