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Sheets PE
Manufacturers and suppliers of polyethylene sheets, PE sheets, HDPE sheets, polyethylene plastic sheets, LDPE sheets and high density polyethylene sheets. Source UHMWPE sheets for kitchen boards and construction applications. For more details on polyethylene sheets contact

Sheets PE

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Upto 2200 mm HDPE Sheets High density polyethylene sheets are similar to polypropylene sheets in performance except that they have a lower melting point - Heat more uniformly and are capable of being formed into deep drawn p  ...more
Low Density Polyethylene Sheet (LDPE Sheets) LDPE sheets manufactured by Arihant are used mainly in vacuum forming applications for packaging and automobile industries. These sheets are available in plain and textured finishes. Specifications  ...more
High Density Polyethylene Sheet (HDPE Sheet) Arihant HDPE sheets have excellent chemical resistance and are used in the construction of chemical equipments, fabrication of card cans for textile industry, artificial limbs, vacuum formed products   ...more
Virgin HDPE Sheets JoshBLIS HDPE Sheets: - Sheet width: Max 700 mm - Sheet thickness: 0.50 mm - 1.5 mm - Roll weight: Approx. 50 kgs. - 100 kgs. per roll - Mono and multilayer: Available Applications: It can be   ...more
LDPE Sheets We manufacturing all kinds of thermoplastic sheets Like HDPE sheet, LDPE sheet, PP sheet, TPO sheet, HIPS sheet, EVA sheet etc., we have our four sheet plants and qualified technical staff. Sheets   ...more
HDPE Sheets We manufacturing all kinds of thermoplastic sheets Like HDPE sheet, LDPE sheet, PP sheet, TPO sheet, HIPS sheet, EVA sheet etc. We have our four sheet plants and qualified technical staff. Sheets S  ...more
PE Sheets- Cutting Board PE Sheets-Cutting Board
Cutting Boards are High Quality, High Impact Strength Cutting Boards for material like Leather, Textile, Synthetics, Paper, Plywood, Foils, Rubber, Foam Rubber, Car  ...more
UHMW Sheets UHMW Sheets
Our UHMW sheets are ideal material for lining silos, bunkers, chutes, truck, rail wagons, ship hold etc. It allows good material flow with minimum caking bulk solids and powder  ...more
Polyethylene Foam The non-cross polyethylene foam is developed by thermo chemical expansion with low density polyethylene resins. It not only has excellent characteristics of thermal insulation, elasticity and shock-ab  ...more
Low Density Polyethylene Sheets LDPE Sheets are manufactured from Low Density Polyethylene Granules. The special properties of LDPE Sheets find unique applications.
Listed below are some salient features of LDPE Sheets.
Electr  ...more
High Density Polyethylene Sheets HDPE Sheets are extruded from High Density Polyethylene Granules. Being a versatile thermoplastic it can be used in innumerable applications.
Listed below are some salient features of HDPE Sheets:<  ...more
HDPE Sheets Size: Upto 1350MM Width & 1.00MM Thickness
Length of Roll: 25Mtr
Colour: Black
Type: Reprocessed
Price:- Rs. 55/Sq Meter+Excise Duty  ...more
HDPE Sheets HDPE Sheets
HDPE is as versatile polymer used in variety of applications and industries. Its application include chemical storage, chain guides, prosthetic devices, tanks etc.
Adva  ...more
PE floor system for storage We offer state of the art PE floor system designed for use on concrete floors. Our floor panels are suited for grain storage, food processing industries, chemical industries as well as beverage indust  ...more
UHMWPE Sheets Available Ultra High Molecular Weight PE Sheets for following range: Size: 1)2000mm X 1000mm X 6 to 100mm thk 2)1000mm X 1000mm X 100 to 175mm thk Applications:- UHMW-PE is widely acceptab  ...more is your one stop shop for plastic goods, components, houseware, films, sheets, profiles, packaging products, gifts, promotional items and novelties, containers, furnitures, pens, engineering components and other plastic items. Should you not find product of your interest in this section , write to us at

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