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We sell PET preform mould,cap mould and other plastic mould like scoop mould,bucket mould, so if you are a preform or cap supplier,and need to buy moulds, please contact me to or 0 laura.wu
I m want to buy second hand plastic mold machine 350 ton and Japanese origin I prefer to buy from owner with really good price (should be not more then 1.6 millian yen) I m want 5 machine to use in my plastic factory If you have this machine please contact 3 eakbolahan
I need to know why our industry makes mold heavier on fixed platen? And does this decides the cost of mold? 2 M51161
We are the quality manufacturer of ultramarine blue pigments in china, we want to find the respective to sell our products in your countries. 0 abellychemical
I am looking for the best compounding and mixing proportion for ISI and non ISI grade PVC Pipes 0 haris123
Protective Packaging Corporation uses the standards of ISO 9001:2008 to ensure customers of high quality finished products. Our current customers know we use our Quality Management System to consistently deliver flexible packaging solutions they can count on. Do potential customers consider ISO certification in their vendor selection process? Protective Packaging - 0 tnguyengp
Our factory offer all kinds of plastic bottles,we can produce the bottles that you wish.Just tell us your ideas and we can make it come true. Also you can visit our website Any question please feel free to contact 0 MissMira
I am looking for buyer of recycled HDPE/LDPE/LLDPE resin . Who need it, pls contact me . 0 plasticresin
I want to start the plastic recycling unit so please give the full details of this project 0 son_raghava
Iwould like to have technical assistance in PET reprocessing 6 excelplast
We have various quality of Filler compound material with high loading capacity for the HM, Woven sack industry. Please contact for further details. Santosh 0 RAMAXTON
Hello, I am setting up a PP film/ flat bag (food grade) manufacturing unit. Kindly help me with the project report and machinery details for the same. Thanks. 0 agarwal3185
Prime grade polyethylene on offer. Consist of Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) and High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). In LLDPE, available film and injection grade. While in HDPE available: film (HMW/ High Molecular Weight), blow molding (HMW), injection and monofilament grade. Widely use for making: t-shirt bag, poly bag, trash bag, jerry can, housewares, tarpaulin, etc.. Form: granule. Brand: AsreneŽ. Packaging: nett. 25kg in heavy-duty plastic bag. Produced under ISO 9001 certified manufacturer. Polypropylene (homo and copolymer) in granule form with brand TrileneŽ also available. For any interested parties, pls kindly contact for further details. Thank you. CAS No.: 9002-88-4. 0 stargem
i want to manufacture HDPE pipes and fittings. send me the details of this project and the market condition of this product in Gujarat. 0 alpesh.vamja
I am student of M Phil and want to purchase some polymers for my experiment. Please guide me the market in Pakistan. 1 bilal315
Interested in Buying of HOT RUNNER, CONTROLLER AND HEATING SYSTEMS, AUXILIARY EQUIPMENTS. We are a US Based Company with offices in India. We are looking for Suppliers who can provide us with the molding products. Suppliers who are interested from UAE, Srilanka & Saudi Arabia can contact us 4 aditya_4k
I am willing to set up an injection molding unit for thin walled containers with lids and other items.And I wanted to start it with a minimum of investment,say 1 injection molding machine.I have the following queries:- 1.Allthough a lot of companies and units are present for manufacturing household items.What are the prospects for a newcomer like me and how is the market for mentioned products? 2. What should be the required specs of machine i.e.shot size,plasticizing capacity, clamping force etc, considering my investment and how much will it cost? 3.Should I opt for an indeginious or an imported one.Also wether second hand machine will do or I should go for a new one? 4.What kinds of mould should I prefer for initial operation? 5.How much will the whole machine including moulds,water cooling,scrap grinder etc will cost to me.(apprx value will do) 6.Can the household items be exported.If yes,then what is the proper channel or procedure for exporting my products? 7.If I start with a single injection molding machine ,with a single shift/day initially.whar will be the profit analysis? Please help me with theese.I will be really grateful. Thanks and regards, Dushyant 4 dushyant83
I need a Injection molding machine between 150- 200 T with the Screw LD ratio of 22:1 to 25:1 form Demag, KM, Netstal & Engel. Please offer the price quote to chennai. Year of Mfg should be later of 2000. 2 gopalaksraju
Looking for reprocessed granules manufacturer or dealers who can buy mixed red pigment having bright shade, which we are selling at Rs.140/- per Kg+taxes. please email on 0 ksalecha
Looking for websites where we can see current pricing for ABS, Polycarbonate and Polystyrene type of plastics. Thanks. 0 ravishastry
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