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I am willing to set up an injection molding unit for thin walled containers with lids and other items.And I wanted to start it with a minimum of investment,say 1 injection molding machine.I have the following queries:- 1.Allthough a lot of companies and units are present for manufacturing household items.What are the prospects for a newcomer like me and how is the market for mentioned products? 2. What should be the required specs of machine i.e.shot size,plasticizing capacity, clamping force etc, considering my investment and how much will it cost? 3.Should I opt for an indeginious or an imported one.Also wether second hand machine will do or I should go for a new one? 4.What kinds of mould should I prefer for initial operation? 5.How much will the whole machine including moulds,water cooling,scrap grinder etc will cost to me.(apprx value will do) 6.Can the household items be exported.If yes,then what is the proper channel or procedure for exporting my products? 7.If I start with a single injection molding machine ,with a single shift/day initially.whar will be the profit analysis? Please help me with theese.I will be really grateful. Thanks and regards, Dushyant