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For advertising hoarding which Thermoplastic Sheet material are preferred? 4 sjsonspltd
Sir, For wrapping food items which one is more advisable,PVC film or LLDPE , and why?. Who is the agency certifying wheather these films are food grade certified? krishnakumar VR 1 maya
Looking for a Processing machine for LDPE/HDPE sheet which can manufacture sheet upto 10mtrs width. & upto 1500micron.Requested for offer with full technical details & Customer list to whom such machine supplied. Jayesh. 1 bhavibulkpack
We are require HSL Polyester on a contnuous basis. 0 manjushree
Dear Sir, We are buying 0.30mm PVC sheets from Supreme for making small blisters and exported to european countries. Sometimes if there is any delay in supplies, we are sourcing PVC sheets from other suppliers , but the shades are either blue tint or black tint. Our buyer needs only crystal clear shade. Kindly let us know apart from supreme any other PVC sheet manufacturer who is manufacturing crystal sheets. 5 ramesh_5
I am looking for an expert in PET/BOPP/BOPET films to find out more about the state of the market and the competitiveness of Indian producers. Please let me know if some material/report on the topic can be bought. 2 oberlage
We require UHMW sheets in various sizes (reprocessed & virgin grades). 0 aditya241170
Looking for Companies which can Supply me T-shiirts Bags and Shopping Bags in differnt Sizes . Quantity : ( more Than 10 Million Bags). Best Regards. 0 ajaykapur
Looking for Companies which can Supply me T-shiirts Bags and Shopping Bags in differnt Sizes . Quantity : ( more Than 10 Million Bags). Best Regards. 0 ajaykapur
dear sir, i want details of shrink film . which grade should be use and what is the blending of grades to make shrink film. we are using RELIANCE & IPCL raw material. we have urgent it please provide me about shrink film grades and what is process? 1 vrajesh_1983
Looking for Polyacetal sheets all sizes required monthly requirement 3 tons 0 inviumindustry
seeking supplier of extruded PP, Styrene, Apet for thermoforming machinery - food grade product range is 400mu to 950mu, 500mm to 700mm wide reels Full containers we will also purchase PP and Styrene polymer 2 neilcraggs
Looking for HDPE LDPE Shopping BAgs and T-Shirts Bags 1 ajaykapur
What percentage do we need to add as production cost, to the polymer price to arrive at an approx. (but dependable) market price for BOPP films, metallized BOPP films, LLDPE films, PVC films etc. or How can the the polymer price give the idea about the films price? What is the factor of corrrelation between the two? Please guide... 1 takg9
The chinese are emerging as major producers of BOPP, PVC, PE, Cellophane, LLDPE, HDPE films and Aluminium foils etc. Is buying from these sources hassle free and economical for users in ASIA ? How are they in quality and price vis-a-vis India? 2 takg9
Dear Sir, please help, we are a plastic file manufacturer which uses PVC sheeting from two different manufacturers. We use high frequency welding process to manufacture our products. The problem happen recently when after the HF welding process, the surface of the PVC sheeting becomes wavy and the plastc file cannot pass quality test, we suffer great loss. The PVC sheeting looks normal and can lay even and flat but after the HF welding process, the surface becomes wavy. The manufacturers have no clue why and deny our loss claim. 1 kokweng
Dear Sir, We are currently manufacturing PVC Lamination Film.Our machinery is Kolsite make with platform rotation. I am also manufacturing PVC soft tubing in the same machinery but i am having problem with quality and winding.Kindly suggest an experienced consultant who can help me produce quality soft and rigid tubings. 0 vksprem
How can we identify or differentiate among various films i.e., PVC, PP, BOPP, LLDPE, PE, LDPE, Polyester, etc. What are the physically (by handling them) distinguishing characteristics of these films, what are the physical properties that sets them apart or differentiate them from each other. 1 takg9
How does the production process of BOPP film differ from CPP film? what is their metallizing process ? Is it the same for both? which one of them is more economical from production point of view? 2 takg9
I am sourcing the most economical non toxic rigid pvc film of 150 to 300 micron thickness for vacuum forming of food packaging items and am also looking for a suitable company for doing the vacuum forming job. My requirements are presently not large, they are 10000 pcs per month and will go up rapidly. 2 shubhadapradhan
we are in process of installing old 2 rolls calendrette plant german made for rigid pvc sheet and interested if some one guide us for the start up of this plant 2 alisyed1
can you suggest what material used in cooling tower filles 4 jain_ajay47
Frozen chicken packaging material 4 joby
I have 3 Films of the same blend (in terms of polymer blend ratios and Masterbatch), but the only difference between these films is the thickness its 40u, 50u and 60u, i just want to understand whether the thickness would impact the opacity and if yes what is the logic 1 Vilkhu_pardeep
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